On August 14, 2021, Haiti experienced a 7.2-magnitude earthquake resulting in a death toll of 2200, with 344 people missing, thousands injured, and status of damage unknown.​ This occurred 11 years following the January 2010 earthquake which resulted in 200,000 deaths and nearly $8.5B in damages -which, Haiti has yet to recover from. Imagine living in the most poverty-stricken island in the Caribbean, on the mends from a natural disaster stemming 11 years ago, to be hit with another devastating occurrence; losing more lives, and destroying any progress made from years prior.

Haiti’s Rich History

Haiti became an independent Country, freeing itself from colonial rule under France. A population almost entirely descended from African slaves, Haiti was the first Country to abolish slavery -yes, prior to the United States.
As early as 4000BC, the indigenous Taino People inhabited North Haiti. They spoke the Taino language which derived from the Arawakan language. A part of this culture includes petroglyphs -or cave paintings and drawings, which can still be seen today.
There is so much more to Haiti than what we hear and what is written in this entry. Its culture is rich and history is plentiful. With the help of volunteers, and donations, we can help restore and preserve the very history that is hidden beneath the negative storylines. Like all other Countries, Haiti and its people are worth our effort.

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