Feters United, Inc. a 501c(3) nonprofit alliance between the community and Caribbean culture, is dedicated to serving local and Caribbean communities, focusing on disaster relief efforts, youth and education, families, and health and wellness.

Established April 2021, Feters United, Inc is a diverse organization with staff and volunteers whose mutual goal is making a positive impact in our communities by spreading love, lending a helping a hand, and assist with closing the gap in much needed areas like education, supporting the homeless, and aiding in disaster relief efforts.

As we celebrate the Caribbean culture and heritage through artistic dance, Carnivals and Fetes, we work diligently to provide the community with necessities that are essential for self-fulfillment.

Our vision is to Fete with a Purpose.
(Fete: noun, a festival or celebration)

Feters United is a 501(c)(3) non-profit alliance dedicated to serving the community, raising awareness on important causes and celebrating Caribbean culture.


P.O. Box 466,
Suitland, MD 20752


Whether it’s your donations, membership and/or sponsorship, Feters United invests in achieving the needs of the Caribbean community.

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