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Giving to Non-Profits & Campaigns

Your donation is a gift, accompanied with other support, that enables us to deliver food, goods, and supplies to support less fortunate individuals and Caribbean Countries critically affected by natural disasters.
As a donor, Feters United wanted to thank you by providing you with the convenience of being able to track and monitor your donations. No more searching for lost receipts during tax season. Upon making your contribution, you will receive a receipt and access to the Donor Dashboard. Should you choose to become a recurring donor, you may use this dashboard to access past receipts.
Feters United, LLC Tax ID Number: 86-3529706

Checks/money orders should be mailed to: Feters United, PO Box 466, Suitland, MD 20752. Make checks payable to: Feters United.

If you wish your gift to be allocated to a particular program, please indicate this information in the memo line.

Please contact us at our Supporter Center at or use the chatbot located at the bottom of your screen, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm (EST).
Web donations show up approximately 24 hours after the transaction is complete. If you don’t see yours, please contact us at our Support Center at or use the chatbot located at the bottom of the screen, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm (EST).
Yes. All donations are tax deductible. If you are making an online payment, you will receive a receipt via e-mail. All offline donations (mailed checks/money orders) will receive a receipt in the mail within 10 business days. To learn more about charitable tax donations, please visit the IRS page on charitable tax donations


Volunteers for Feters United provides meals and care packages to the homeless, advocate and assist fundraising efforts for the organization.

Individuals (or groups) can also volunteer their skills to help improve or enhance operations or offer something new and valuable. Visit our Ways to Give page to submit your resume and sign up as a volunteer.

Yes -on the volunteer form, you may select “group” as an option.  In the open field, just enter the amount of people and their names.

If you have a special skillset you think may be beneficial to Feters United, please upload your resume and indicate the special skill set in the Become a Volunteer form located here.

You may email with all volunteer questions or concerns. Someone from our Volunteer Support Center will reach out to you within 24 hours.

General FAQs

Feters United, Inc. a 501c(3) nonprofit alliance between the community and Caribbean culture, is dedicated to serving local and Caribbean communities, focusing on disaster relief efforts, youth and education, families, and health and wellness. As we celebrate the Caribbean culture and heritage through artistic dance, Carnivals and Fetes, we work diligently to provide the community with necessities that are essential for self-fulfillment.  

Visit our Company Overview page to learn more.

A Fete is a festival or celebration.
As a newly formed nonprofit organization, we are currently in the process of partnering with major corporations dedicated to providing aid to less fortunate Countries in the Caribbean as well as less fortunate individuals within the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

Feters United is a 501(c)(3) non-profit alliance dedicated to serving the community, raising awareness on important causes and celebrating Caribbean culture.


P.O. Box 466,
Suitland, MD 20752


Whether it’s your donations, membership and/or sponsorship, Feters United invests in achieving the needs of the Caribbean community.

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