The Caribbean Islands are in dire need of aid.

It is hard to find the right information on how you can help. Most people just want to do something but don’t know where or what they should be doing.

Feters United has been working with a coalition of relief organizations and volunteers who have provided immediate short term support for those affected by hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey as well as long-term support for rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. These funds will go towards helping rebuild homes & communities that were destroyed by these devastating storms along with providing food, water, medicine & supplies needed during this time of crisis. We are also raising awareness about the needs facing islands around the world including Haiti, Jamaica and Barbados due to earthquakes earlier this year; Dominica after being hit by Hurricane Maria; Mexico due to recent earthquake & other countries impacted by natural disasters throughout 2017/2018 season such as Indonesia, India etc..


Our focus is to care for our communities, near and abroad. Our goal is to partner with our donors and volunteers, to ensure we maximize efforts to restore our communities and provide relief to those who are less fortunate.


Every month, Feters United partners with Trinbago Flava to feed the homeless in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Because nutritious meals is not the only need, Feters United also provides free care packages in support of health and wellness for the homeless.

Feters United is a 501(c)(3) non-profit alliance dedicated to serving the community, raising awareness on important causes and celebrating Caribbean culture.


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Whether it’s your donations, membership and/or sponsorship, Feters United invests in achieving the needs of the Caribbean community.

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